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Welcome ... 

A New You Massage And Bodywork, LLC is a single-person run business focused on lessening the effects of stressors in your life through the holistic modalities of massage therapy, craniosacral bodywork, gentle somatic movement (coming soon), and guided meditation.  We can learn to experience the best version of ourselves , no matter what life throws at us.  Let's combat the physical, emotional, and mental effects of life's stressors together.  Disclaimer:  My services are complementary to,  but do not take the place of, medical treatment.  Please contact your medical physician if you have any questions.  

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Useful Reading

On these pages you'll find: 

  • lists of books and articles I find helpful. 

  • links (coming soon-ish) to sign up for zoom guided meditation classes and gentle somatics classes

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Gentle Somatic Movement & Yoga

Coming relatively soon in person and virtually ... 

  • Guided mindfulness and yoga nidra meditations will soon be offered in combination with Gentle Somatic movements  as a 1:1 offering in my office or virtually through Zoom.    

  • Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY).... A 3-level certification is in the works and may be added to a massage and bodywork session (when completed w/ certification in hand), as a stand-alone session, or in combination with guided meditation/yoga nidra meditation (mid-late 2021 for levels 1 and 2).  GSY is akin to moving meditation, where you learn to feel and look within as you perform gentle movements (not stretching) to aid in releasing tension and restrictions in your mind and  body to "strengthen the mind-to-muscle connection". 

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Massage & 


Unfortunately, I am unable to take new massage clients at this time.

  • Massage therapy services can be a general relaxation massage with light to moderate pressure, Or can be focused on areas of concern - with moderate pressure.  Deeper work is done through slow, specific work - it is not  "deep pressure".  

  • Craniosacral modality is not massage therapy; it's a gentle hands-on bodywork (fully clothed) that facilitates your body's return to balance by working with the rhythmical movement of  fluids & membranes that surround your brain and spinal cord.  

  • Kansa foot wand massage is performed on lower legs and feet with use of a bronze foot wand.

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Mudra Meditation
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Back Massage

Today .... 

  • Be kind and compassionate... to yourself ... to all other living beings

  • Take a breath in, welcome in and observe your feelings from a distance before you respond in any situation 

  • Admit to mistakes made; speak kindly to yourself as you would any of your friends; then take steps to rectify the mistake ... it will turn out ok 

  • Remember this - You take care of You ... only then will you have energy to take care of others 


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