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A New You Massage And Bodywork, LLC  

A NOTE TO CLIENTS  (current & new):  

If you can not find availability with online scheduling, please reach out via text & request to be put on a cancellation list.  

I get cancellations often and may be able to fit you in.  



Massage client face up with therapist massaging the client's neck to represent Massage therapy

Massage Therapy  (STM)

Integrated massage techniques are used that involve any of the following: Swedish massage techniques, myofascial stretching/release, Trigger Point hold and release , gentle assisted/passive range of motion, Scar tissue release,  Manual Lymph Drainage, Craniosacral bodywork.  


Unscented HobaCare jojoba oil is used as

the medium.


As part of your massage therapy sesion, you may also choose to add in Manual Lymph Drainage techniques to help with post-surgical swelling/scarring & also for health maintenance.  Click below for more information & Contraindications 

Please note - I do not perform  "deep pressure" massage.  To gain access to deeper muscles/fascia, I use techniques that are slow and rhythmic that invite the layers of connective tissue to relax and allow natural access to the deeper layers.  You will not feel "deep pressure".  If deep pressure is what you seek, you can text me for names of therapists who perform this work and I will be happy to refer them to you.  

30 min .... $55

45 min ..... $75

60 min ......$85

75 min ......$105

90 min ......$120

120 min ... $160

Balancing river rocks with the river water as a backdrop representing Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral bodywork (CST) 

Craniosacral (therapy) bodywork uses light touch (fully clothed), noninvasive techniques that complement your body's natural healing process. CST works with the fluid that surrounds your brain & spinal cord (cerebrospinal fluid).  Your therapist (Julie) will follow your body's cues.  Our bodies only need the gentle touch as a reminder to move itself toward healing and wholeness.  Once your body receives this gentle reminder through CST it will naturally flow toward that path.  

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or stressed out? Do you have chronic pain or headaches that just will NOT go away?  Give Craniosacral therapy a try - It may be helpful and is fantastic for health maintenance.  (60-65 minutes). 


 It Feels like  you're giving yourself a "reset" for the day.  

30 minute ... $55

60 min ... $85

modified child's pose in restorative yoga inspired massage

Restorative yoga-inspired massage & meditation

Deep relaxation is accomplished through a variety of  guided breathing & meditation, clothed massage with occasional gentle restorative stretching.  You will be guided through five different positions to allow for different restorative stretches and compression massage techniques.  In each position you will listen to a brief guided meditation for that sessions theme.  You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to go about your day with increased clarity & peace of mind.  


From a client's perspective:

"This type of bodywork was a new experience for me, but it was so amazing and left me feeling stretched, relaxed, and at peace.  The gentle stretching mixed with massage, guided meditation and helpful breathing cues was a wonderful way to fully relax and cleanse stress from my mind and body.  It truly is SELF CARE!"  S.A. 

75 minutes ... $105

Please reach out to Julie via text message (850) 601-5060 to make an appointment for this service. 

Tibetan singing bowl used in vibration sound massage

Vibration Sound Massage

Deep relaxation of body & mind simultaneously through the modalities of weighted tuning forks and himalayan metal bowls.  These instruments introduce  frequencies through vibration into your body to induce a parasympathetic state of mind and being.  You will feel relaxed beyond belief as your body and mind travel to that in between state:  between waking and dreaming -  A place where you can heal on a very deep level. 

30  minute (tuning forks) ....$55

60 minute ....$85

75 minute combo ... $105 (60 min +clothed neck/upper back)

90 minute combo ... $120 (60 min +30 min craniosacral work)

What clients are saying:

Please  click here to see information page for quotes on  client's experiences


Precautions & Contraindications:  

Please see information page by clicking the link below.  


Rock Balancing

Yoga Nidra 1:1 Meditation, Stretch, Massage


Also known as The Yoga Of Sleep, Yoga Nidra meditation brings us on a journey through the many layers of the body toward a deep sense of wholeness and realization of our true self.  


Yoga Nidra is practiced in a relaxed position (lying down on your back or reclined). Your session with Julie will include a brief stretch before and after the meditation as well as (time permitting) a brief scalp/neck massage &/or a short vibration sound massage with metal bowls or tuning forks. 


60 minute ....$85

What clients are saying:



Vibroacoustic Bass-Belt / Massage Therapy Combo: 

See information page (click below)  for details about this offering  Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to this appointment so that you can maximize the time spent on each modality.  


75 minutes ( 1 hr 15 minutes) ... $105 

90 minutes  (1 hr 30 minutes) ...$120

105 minutes  (1 hr 45 minutes) ... $140

120 minutes (2 hr) ... $160

135 minutes (2 hr 15 minutes) .. $180

MORE client experiences:

Please click here  for more quotes on  client's experiences


Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge Experience:  A full body vibration, sound & brain entrainment experience  using music created by David Gibson especially for this equipment - created to give clients a fully immersive sensory experience .... stay tuned.

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