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I am unable to take new clients in-office at this time ... check below for guided meditations available for download.  

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Massage Therapy  (STM)

Integrated massage techniques are used that involve any of the following: Swedish massage techniques, myofascial stretching/release, Trigger Point hold and release , gentle assisted/passive range of motion.

Unscented and hypoallergenic therapeutic massage gel is used as the medium.

30 min ... $40

60 min ... $70

90 min ... $100

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Craniosacral work


Uses Light touch (fully clothed), noninvasive techniques that complement your body's natural healing process. Works with the fluid that surrounds your brain & spinal cord.  Feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or stressed out? Give Craniosacral therapy a try - It may be helpful and fantastic for health maintenance.  (60-65 minutes).  " It Feels like  you're giving yourself a "reset" for the day".  

30 minute mini-session ... $40

60 min ... $70

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Massage/CST Combo

Love the benefits of both massage therapy and Craniosacral work?  Try them both in the same session.  Choose from the following appointment times:  

 1) 60 minute - (30 min. STM, 30 min. CST) ... $70

 2) 90 minute - (60 min STM, 30 min CST) ... $100

 3) 120 minute - (60 min STM, 60 min CST) ... $140

 4) 150 minute - (90 min STM, 60 min CST) ... $170

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Chair Massage 

If you are apprehensive about getting on a massage table OR just don’t have the time for a regular table massage, perhaps this is the massage for you…Chair massage is a great way to be introduced to the benefits of massage. These are done  at my office location.  

15 min ... $15

30 min ... $30

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Kansa wand foot massage

Recline on the massage table while your calves and feet are warmed w/a moistened towel, followed by a relaxing massage to each calf & foot along reflexology lines (this is not a deep reflexology session).  After this, you will enjoy a cool, refreshing massage to your feet using the Kansa (bronze) wand to facilitate easing of muscle tension.   Your session ends with a warm towel compress to ease your way back into the day.  

45 minutes ... $55

Image by Gautam Krishnan

Guided Meditations

While I am unable to take new clients in my office,  there are a number of guided meditations for purchase, a couple of free streaming, and a video to watch as well.  This service will be updated often, so check in regularly to see what is new.