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Julie has taken courses in craniosacral bodywork through Upledger Institute and with Judah Lyons of the Lyons Institute.  These are two different methods of craniosacral bodywork (biomechanical & biodynamic).  While Julie believes that both schools of teaching are profound and have great benefits, she does believe that our individual bodies and "inner physicians" know better what is needed than an outside practitioner.  Julie becomes a facilitator for your own inherent healing potential by using gentle touch & listening through that touch, allowing your "inner physician" to relax & feel safe enough to begin it's own healing process.

As stated on the service menu page, craniosacral bodywork is performed with the client (you) fully clothed.  Craniosacral bodywork is not massage therapy.  There is no soft-tissue manipulation so the pressure of this bodywork is very light in nature.  

This type of bodywork incorporates noninvasive techniques that work with your central nervous system.  Julie will place her hands on multiple places from your sacrum up to your scalp and your face.  She will follow your body's cues.  Our bodies know exactly what they need in order to begin healing, and only need a gentle touch as a reminder to move in the direction of wholeness.  

 With this type of bodywork, the therapist (Julie) will not try to "figure out" what a problem is and manipulate muscles and fascia to move toward a goal.  Instead, Julie will create a supportive environment through gentle touch & listen, through that touch, to gentle pulsations of the fluid moving through the craniosacral system ( the cerebrospinal fluid that moves rhythmically from the sacrum up through the cranium). and become a  facilitator for  release of resistance patterns.  Through this release, your body will inherently begin it's healing process.  

You MAY notice a reduction of symptoms that you had no idea were related to the craniosacral system such as (but not limited to):

  • Chronic headaches

  • Chronic pain

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Lack of focus

  • Decreased balance of left/right hemispheres of the brain

  • Sinus congestion/pressure

You MAY leave your session: (these are not promises for each session)

  • Feeling a sense of  general "lightness" that you haven't felt in a while,

  • Feeling a sense of standing/sitting taller than usual, 

  • Feeling  deeply relaxed and more centered

  • Feeling as though you have hit a mental/emotional/physical "reset" button

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