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Massage & bodywork add-ons

MOST Add-ons are FREE of charge (some have a small fee), however, this does NOT  add time to your massage session, but is rather added in to the amount of time you schedule.   If you would like this added IN ADDITION to the hands-on time, please choose an extra 15 minutes when scheduling your appointment. 

photo of variable speed mechanical massage tool offered as an add-on to the service

Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager:


A gentle, broad vibration massage, the massage jeanie  can be used prior to your massage to help soothe tired, achy, sore muscles of the front/back of your thighs, back, shoulders, glutes, lower legs (calf muscles).




5-15  Minute Gentle
Frequency Vibration Massage

Weighted tuning forks OR Himalayan metal massage bowls  used as vibration on-body to induce a state of relaxation of muscles and central nervous system. The tuning forks used  are at various multiplications of the Schumann Resonance  (our earth's natural frequency or 'repeating atmospheric heartbeat' of 7.83 Hz, according to  The metal bowls are of various frequencies as well.  Gentle vibration is both felt &  heard through the body and brings you into a more relaxed and grounded state of mind.

CONTRAINDICATIONS:  Anyone with  active cancer, pacemaker, & other implanted medical devices that are affected by the frequencies of these instruments should not receive this service. Recent history of blood clots will also not allow for this type of work.   


Also as a precaution - this service  will not performed on women who are pregnant.

PRECAUTIONS:  This service will not be performed over areas of metal implants,

What clients are saying:

"I was surprised  how I felt during and after this kind of massage.  I felt very  relaxed.  It  almost feels like a warm hug to each part of my body that the tuning fork works on.  Crazy, but I could feel the areas around my chest and abdomen 'opening up' with the vibration.  I became more aware of each area and could feel the tension in my shoulders release when Julie used the tuning fork on my sternum. I'd like to do this again!" M.S. 


IMG_0444.heichot stones.heic

Synergy Hot Stones 
$5 extra

Try an add-on of Synergy Hot stone massage on  your back and neck (or feet) to help relieve tension and relax muscles.   Can help your muscles tolerate deeper work with less discomfort once they are warmed up and relaxed  from the broad heat of the synergy stones 

Meditating on the Beach

Guided meditation

Enjoy the first 15-20 minutes of your massage with a guided meditation recorded by Julie. These guided meditations will facilitate attention to your breath, the present moment, and glide you into a peaceful state of mind for the rest of your massage.  Julie has prerecorded these so as not to take away from your massage session.  


Available meditations: "Breath As Our Anchor" ...


more to come

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