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Meet Julie Campbell, the Licensed massage therapist (MA81776) you will be seeing at your appointment


My name is Julie Campbell.  I am a former Physical Therapy Assistant (Fisher College, Boston - 1999),  a Licensed Massage Therapist  (MA81776) (Soothing Arts, Destin - 2005),  a meditation facilitator(2020),  and have completed a 200 hour yoga training (2020). To enhance my yoga training, I have taken courses in  Gentle Somatic Yoga from James Knight so that I may share the knowledge I have obtained with clients, when appropriate.  


Starting my own business, A New You Massage and Bodywork,  was literally a dream come true - and a giant leap of faith;  A dream that my family and friends continuously support me in fulfilling.   For them, I am truly grateful & thank God every morning for each and every one of them! 

Life can be stressful (physically,  emotionally, & mentally), there's no doubt about that - and  yet, there is so much we can do for ourselves to feel good and live our best lives.  


My purpose and intention is to educate people on the benefits of self-care through hands-on massage & bodywork, meditation,  gentle somatic movement, as well as vibration & sound massage through on-body modalities such as Nepalese metal bowls and weighted tuning forks.  All of these modalities facilitate our feeling the best we can through increased internal awareness (how/where we feel our emotions in our body <felt-sense>), enhanced clarity, peace of mind, improved mobility, flexibility, and an enhanced sense of well-being. 


Why did I segue from working as a PTA into massage therapy, meditation and bodywork?  

While I loved working in the Physical Therapy field, I felt as though I could be doing more to assist people in learning how to help themselves feel better in all aspects of life beyond just the physical.  


Most of my Physical Therapy career has been in the Outpatient orthopedic setting. In this setting I had enormous opportunity to practice and enhance my manual therapy techniques; and that lead me to pursue a massage therapy license.


In 2005, I worked simultaneously  as a massage therapist & PTA in the panhandle of Florida and learned a lot from the other therapists I worked with.


I moved back to Massachusetts for a few years in 2006, and spent a great two years of quality time with my father before he passed away. I worked part-time building a massage business at a friend's salon while also working as a  full-time PTA, but due to multiple family-member  illnesses & eventual passing, I gave up on my massage-business dream (temporarily) and concentrated on the basics (family, work, & paying the bills).  At that time, my grief and sadness outweighed my ability to pay attention to important licensure details.   Without realizing it, I let my national certification in massage therapy expire, as well as my massage licensure to practice in Florida and Massachusetts (@ that time it was town-to-town in MA).  

During the ups & downs of my time spent in Massachusetts, I found myself becoming increasingly more anxious, irritable, and generally with lack of enthusiasm for life.  In order to be able to get through a day of work without passing my negative energy to patients and co-workers, I began sitting on the couch in silence for 10-15 minutes each morning and would send up a prayer for guidance and fortitude to get through the day.  It seemed to work, and I noticed a shift in my attitude and wellbeing .  Sitting on the couch eventually segued into sitting on my exercise mat. A new routine emerged of  stretching & easy yoga followed by a short prayer and "sitting in silence".  I've been doing this ever since, alternating between silent meditation & yoga nidra.   What a life changer!  Out of difficulties, sadness, and grief came a healthier routine,  healthier way of coping with life, and a greater appreciation for God's guidance & grace - All of which I am wholeheartedly  grateful for.  


Upon moving back to Florida in 2013, I decided that I did not want to continue a full-time career in physical therapy.  My desire was to "start fresh" and live my life in a way that would make me feel like "me" again; Someone I had not been in touch with in a very long time.  In 2015, my sister-in-law and fiance (now husband)  helped me realize that in order to fulfill that wish I had to dig deep within myself and take a good, hard look at what my purpose was.  I found it, and unfortunately that meant I had to retake the Florida licensure examination for massage therapy .... AGAIN.  It was too late to gain back the national certification as the hourly requirements changed, but fortunate for me, I could pay the dues, study like mad, and retake the Florida exam to procure my licensure a second time.  I did just that - and here I am today - living the dream, working for all of you beautiful souls who decide that we make a good fit as massage therapist/bodyworker & client.  

Thank you for taking this time to learn about my background, my purpose, and my offerings.  It is vitally important to me that I keep learning and bringing new massage and self-care techniques to each and every one of you.  I look forward to meeting you very soon.  


  • FL Massage license:  MA81776

  • A.S  in Physical Therapy Assisting (PTA 23499)

  • BA in English

  • 200 hour YYT (yoga teacher training) through Yoga & Ayurveda Center (Online Yoga School) 

  • Meditation Teacher certificate through University of Holistic Theology & Mindfulness Exercises

  • Yoga Nidra Teacher and script writing  (Certificate) through Scott Moore Yoga

  • Certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (C-MLD) through MLD Institute International (2022)

  • Completion of Level 1 (2021) & 2  (2023) in Gentle Somatic Yoga 

  • Certificate of completion in Sound/vibration massage with Ali Young (2023)

  • IN THE WORKS:  Education and training in sound healing through Eastern Vibration in Palm Beach, FL 

Location for in-person services:  
2509 Barrington Circle
Suite 105

Tallahassee, FL  32308

Hours of Operation:  
By appointment only via online booking or text message

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