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VibroAcoustics ... 
A growing service

A full body vibration, sound,  and brain entrainment (using binaural beats) experience 

Stay tuned in late 2024, early 2025 for a full vibroacoustic sound lounge experience.  This experience will be one like you've never experienced before.  You will lie down or recline on a comfortable portable sound lounge mat that fits right on Julie's massage table.  This mat will be embedded with 4 powerful transducers that produce healing low frequency vibrations throughout your entire body.  You will also enjoy the beautiful music created by David Gibson while wearing headphones that attach to the table so the bass of the music plays through the table.  The frequencies and energy in David’s music is profoundly healing.  You will listen through wired headphones so you do not have any distractions from outside Julie's room.     The stillness in the body, mind and emotions when the music fades out is just amazing.  You will lie there after the session is over, just enjoying the sense of peace and whole body "tingling" that comes with it. 


While you wait for this new and exciting offering  - you can enjoy a sampling through a vibroacoustic bass belt.  See below for the service currently being offered.  A Full range Mini Subwoofer is encased in a durable/comfortable wearable belt. The Speaker can be strapped to the front or back of the body, directly on your spine or on your abdomen.  During the experiences of clients (and myself) so far, we have used this belt on the lower and upper abdomen (below and above the belly button) as well as on the chest (I take caution using on the chest, using a lower volume of vibration so that I enjoy it without feeling a bit 'edgy'). This is just a small sampling of what is to come with the sound lounge, but a good way to get exposed to the benefits of vibroacoustic massage throughout the body while simultaneously listening to beautiful music through headphones.  The music created by David Gibson is specifically made for the sound lounge.  Each song has a purpose and entrains your brain into different brainwave states through binaural beats hidden behind the music.  Click HERE to learn more about binaural beats and brain entrainment.

Contraindications / Who should NOT use this modality?

  • - People who have a pacemaker

  • - People who have any other implantable device /pump for health reasons

The frequencies and vibrations may have an adverse effect on the device/pump 

  • - Anyone with  a recent  history of blood clots. You will need to have written medical clearance once the blood clots have resolved to utilize this modality or any frequency/vibration modality to ensure your safety.  

  • If you have a cardiac history (heart attack, atrial fibrilation, etc - please obtain WRITTEN clearance from your cardiologist and bring it in/email a copy).  

  • People who have a seizure disorder

  • Anyone who is or may be pregnant

  • If you suffer from panic attacks we can try at a very low volume of vibration but definitely not over your chest.  

  • Anyone with an active cancer - will need written permission from oncologist to ensure your safety.  

Vibroacoustic services currently being offered:

Vibroacoustic Bass-Belt / Massage Therapy Combo:  Enjoy the first 15-20 minutes of your session by reclining back and listening to music with headphones on while simultaneously feeling the bass vibrations of that song through the bass-belt.  You may choose to wear it on your lower abdomen (below the belly-button), your upper abdomen (above your belly button between the bottom of your rib cages), your chest, or even your low back.  This is a great way to introduce this type of modality/service before the soundlounge gets here.  Each music track is made specifically for a purpose and intended to be used with vibroacoustic equipment to bring the most benefits to those who use them together.  You will be amazed at how the vibration of this singular bass pod travels throughout your body.  At the end of the song, you will want to rest there for a minute (or 2 or 3), enjoying the peace, calm, and sensations that you are left with.  Following this experience, you will then enjoy the rest of your allotted time with an integrated massage session (or craniosacral) that you will have discussed with Julie upon your initial arrival.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to this appointment so that you can maximize the time spent on each modality.  



75 minutes ( 1 hr 15 minutes) ... $105 

90 minutes  (1 hr 30 minutes) ...$120

105 minutes  (1 hr 45 minutes) ... $140

120 minutes (2 hr) ... $160

135 minutes (2 hr 15 minutes) .. $180

"I really enjoyed this experience before my massage!  It felt as though my mind was able to become focused and then relax.  It's the first time my mind didn't wander while I was trying to relax" J. L. 

"At first my mind still wanders as I enjoy the music and the vibration ... then little by little the thoughts in my head go away as my body physically relaxes from both the vibrations & the music - it's an amazing sensation.  When the music ends I just want to stay there with my eyes closed for a few more minutes so that I can fully take in the experience.  I can't WAIT to see what the bigger sound lounge will feel like!" J.C

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