My name is Julie Campbell, and I am a Physical Therapy Assistant (Fisher College, Boston) and a Licensed Massage Therapist (Soothing Arts, Destin).

While I love working in the Physical Therapy field, I have always felt as though I could be doing more to help people feel better. Most of my Physical Therapy career has been in the Outpatient orthopedic setting. In this setting I have had the most opportunity to practice and enhance my manual therapy techniques, although I am constantly learning every day. In 2005, I worked as an Independent Contractor through Bay Massage Therapy in Panama City Beach, and learned a lot from the other therapists I worked with. It was a wonderful opportunity while I was there. I moved back to Massachusetts for a few years in 2006, and had a great two years of quality time with my father before he passed away. During my time in Massachusetts, I worked part-time building a massage business at a friend’s salon while also working as a PTA. Due to family illnesses, I gave up on my dream and concentrated on living life.

Starting my own business, A New You Massage and Bodywork, is literally a dream come true; a dream that my family and friends continuously support me in achieving; For them, I am truly grateful!

My goal is to educate people on the benefits of massage therapy and bodywork, and assist them in feeling the best they can through increased mobility, flexibility, and an improved feeling of well-being. Life is stressful (physically and emotionally), there’s no doubt about that!

My joy is in helping people feel less stressed, more relaxed, more flexible, and more mentally prepared to tackle the day’s challenges.

Feel free to contact Julie at: or (850) 601-5060
1427 Market Street, Tallahassee, FL, 32312