A Relaxation Massage uses a variety of relaxing massage techniques that include long, flowing strokes with light to medium pressure (to your preference).

Typically this massage is a full-body massage (back, neck, legs, feet, hands, arms/shoulders, scalp), BUT it can be tailored to pay more attention to certain areas only.
A 90 minute massage is the best time frame for a full-body massage, because a good amount of time can be spent on the back and neck without taking away from the other areas. A 60 minute full-body massage can be performed, however, less time will be spent on the back and neck to make room for each area.

An Integrated Therapeutic Massage uses a variety of massage techniques and bodywork modalities such as myofascial release/stretching, trigger point therapy, and passive stretching/ROM.

Pressure can be light to deep (to your preference).  We will focus on pain relief and increased flexibility of muscles.  This type of massage is usually not a full-body  massage in order to focus on the areas that need attention.

Frozen Shoulder therapy is an advanced technique that uses a combination of deep massage and shoulder pain sequences to break up adhesions, improve range of motion, and decrease pain (Neil Asher and Eric Dalton techniques used)

Performed in very specific sequences, the NAT is leveraged to break down adhesions, decrease pain and inflammation, and improve mobility and range of motion of the shoulder.

This is done by stimulating the body/brain to utilize its own healing. Depending on the phase of your Frozen Shoulder, it is recommended to be seen one time per week for 5-8 weeks to see optimum results.

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